The Centre is happy to announce on Saturday December 4th we will offer a 3 X $1,000 Jackpots program at the 7pm session.  The Letter “C” consolation, Big Ten consolation and final Jackpot game will all be worth $1,000 each.  Gecko Packs priced at $35 & $65.

Please be advised the Upik8 game has been discontinued and will be replaced with an exciting new paper bingo game, “Tic Tac Doe”! At a later date, once provincial Covid-19 restrictions have eased, the accumulated Upik8 progressive prize monies will be awarded at a “Must Go” event.  This pause is necessary to safely accommodate all […]

The “Tic Tac Doe” progressive is a NEW paper bingo game. Cards are available in strips, in the Special booklets or on your Gecko playing devices. The first players achieving a proper Tic Tac Toe pattern consisting of a line of “I’s” & “G’s” plus the lines above & below the “free space” (#) wins. […]

The Centre offers $50.00 Gaming gift certificates all year round. These can be used anywhere throughout the Centre. Gift certificates can be found at our Lottery Kiosk.