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Know Your Limit - Play Within It

2 Announcements- Revised Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Announcement #1



July 29th

7 pm


10 X $1,000



Hour Glass Consolation $1,000

Letter “C” Consolation $1,000

Ladder Consolation $1,000

Big “10” Consolation $1,000

Super Jackpot Consolation $1,000*

Final Jackpot $1,000


Bonus Double Action - $5 Book - Special Gecko Pricing!


1st Game $1,000 Guaranteed

2nd Game $1,000 Guaranteed

3rd Game $1,000 Guaranteed

4th Game $1,000 Guaranteed


*If the “Main Prize” on the Super Jackpot is won there will be NO consolation game!

Announcement #2

Gift Certificates

The Centre offers $30 Gaming Gift Certificates all year round.  These can be redeemed anywhere in the Centre!  Gift Certificates are available for purchase at the Lottery Kiosk.