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6 Announcements- Revised Monday, June 19th, 2017

Announcement #1

Canada Day Celebrations

Canada Day


WIN $2,000.00 CASH!

Saturday July 1st – 10 pm Session

Anyone in attendance, at any session between now & the late session July 1st, Canada Day, receives a FREE, single-faced bingo card.

Return to the Centre with your card on Saturday July 1st at the 10 pm late session and play a “Full Card” game to WIN $2,000.00 CASH!

·       The only cards eligible for this promotion must be stamped with the appropriate date

·       All in attendance at the Late session on July 1st receives a “FREE” card too

·       “FREE” Canada Day dabbers for everyone!

·       Complimentary BBQ - Canada Day 12pm to 2pm & 5pm to 7pm


July 2nd – 7 pm

 10 X $1,000



Regular Books Only $2 per Strip

$35 & $60 Gecko Packs

Hour Glass Consolation $1,000

Letter “C” Consolation $1,000

Ladder Consolation $1,000

Big “10” Consolation $1,000

Super Jackpot Consolation $1,000*

Final Jackpot $1,000


Bonus Double Action - $5 Book– Special Gecko Pricing!

1st Game $1,000 Guaranteed

2nd Game $1,000 Guaranteed

3rd Game $1,000 Guaranteed

4th Game $1,000 Guaranteed

*If the “Main Prize” on the Super Jackpot is won there will be NO consolation game!

Announcement #3

Regular Weekends

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

7 pm  

5 X $1,000


Regular Books ONLY $2 strip

$35 & $60 Gecko Packs


Matinee - Book Bingo

Sat & Sun 12:45pm

Late - Book Bingo

Fri & Sat - 10p


 Regulars Pay $75 & $150

$1,000 Jackpot

Regular Books ONLY $2 strip

$25 & $50 Gecko Packs

Announcement #4

3 X $1,000 Jackpot Events

Thursdays 7pm

3 X $1,000


Regular Books Only $2 per strip.

$30 & $55 Gecko Packs

Announcement #5

Carnival Sessions

Monday to Friday 12:45p

Thursday & Sunday 9:45p



Regular Books $1 strip

$25 & $50 Gecko Packs

Mon, Tues & Wed 9:45p

Fri, Sat & Sun 10a

Complimentary Breakfast at ALL 10a Morning Sessions!

$1,500 BONUS Jackpot

Regular Books $1 a strip

$20 Gecko Packs

The BONUS jackpot $1,500 main prize shall be awarded to the first player(s) achieving a Full Card in the designated number of calls or less

Announcement #6

Gift Certificates

The Centre offers $30.00 bingo gift certificates all year round. If you are having a hard time finding that perfect gift for a bingo player, try giving a bingo gift certificate.